Dine in Boston; Savor the Flavors of Algeria and Morocco The Jewel is Bostonís only restaurant specializing in the tantalizing cuisine of North Africa. From the moment you step into the dining room decorated with panels of stained glass and tile, you realize that you have come to someplace unique and exciting. Each menu item will be carefully prepared just for you and you can choose from a large variety of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes. Start with a familiar appetizer such as roasted eggplant or hummus or adventure out with grilled quail. For your soup course try Harira, a traditional Moroccan soup made with lamb and chickpeas, or select one of the several vegetable soups offered daily. Entrees include many variations of couscous and lesser known dishes such as Tagine made with chicken or lamb and flavored with olives or onions, okra or prunes. The deserts are light and delicate. In keeping with the foods abundant in North Africa many feature honey and dates but others such as crepe reflect the French influence that helped shape that part of the world. Critically chosen from the finest examples of their types, the wines at the Jewel of Newbury present to the connoisseur the quality he demands and to the newcomer an opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience. The most famous vineyards of France, Italy and California are represented in the list of red and white wines and champagnes.