One hundred years ago, it became fashionable for wealthy Victorians to travel throughout the world and to enshrine the spirit of these adventures within their homes. Many a Back Bay mansion had a special room reflecting a trip to Persia or North Africa. The treasures of France and England were gleaned on the Grande Tour as a necessary part of the experience.

Room Rates include breakfast: Single rooms are $175, Double room $225 and suites $275 - $295. For more information and resrevations please call (617) 536-5523 or (617) 424-8280. For urgent requests call (617) 697-6539.

At the Jewel of Newbury the spirit of this era has been recaptured. You will not only notice the vast collection of antiques as soon as you enter but you will also enjoy them during private moments in your own suite or bedroom.

However, the present has not been sacrificed to the past. The Jewel of Newbury has every modern convenience; marble baths and climate control, just to name a few.